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Importance is popularly known as erectile dysfunction, ED, to many. It is a male's health condition that is characterized by inability to sustain erections that are sufficient for sex i.e. sexual intercourse. Men suffering from this condition will go through brief duration of erection difficulties but in most cases this stage should not worry anyone. However, the problem may persist for up to a month and this is where medical assistance should be sought. It is a health concern that can result in anxiety, stress and loss of self esteem.

Erectile dysfunction is a serious health concern and it should never be taken for granted. Some men may fear to expose it to health experts; little do they know that the earlier it is diagnosed, the better. How can you tell that you are a victim of erectile dysfunction?

There are multiple ways that can be used to proof that a person is impotent Some of the common signs and symptoms include:

Difficulty to achieve an erection

Inability to sustain erections

Reduction of libido

Others may succeed to achieve erections while masturbating but not while having sex.

Naturally, men occasionally experience difficulty in gaining an erection. That cannot be generalized to be a problem. Erectile dysfunction develops if the problem occurs regularly.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Basically, erectile dysfunction results from low blood flow to the penis. This may occur if an individual is suffering from certain diseases and health concerns because certain health problems affect the flow of blood. It is linked to malfunctioning of the central nervous system and blood flow.

Physical triggers of impotence

There are 4 key types of physical causes of ED. They include;

Anatomy e.g. when there is a problem with the physical structure of the penis. When the hormonal levels is no okay

When there is a problem with the nervous system

When there is an insufficient blood flow to the penis.

Erectile dysfunction can also result from psychological problems like:


Stress and depression Fatigue

Relationship problems

In certain circumstances, impotence can be triggered by a combination of both physical and psychological causes. For instance, a diabetic may become anxious and stressed thus developing the conditions.

It should also be remembered that impotence is inevitable at old age. This condition can come with age but age itself cannot result in ED. This mean not all old people suffer from this condition.

How is it diagnosed?

To begin with, it is wrong to suffer silently from the disorder. Once you suspect you have it, visit a qualified medical practitioner for diagnosis. At the doctor's place of work, the doctor will cross examine the patient by asking questions that regard;

The symptoms

Alcohol intake

Drug usage

Medications that are used currently The sexual history of the victim

If the disorder occurs all the time, then it is most likely to have resulted from a physical cause but if it occurs while attempting to have sex, then the probable cause is psychological and mental illness.

Other physical examinations and tests that may be conducted include:

Examination of the penis

Examination of the rectum i.e. digital rectal exam. Blood tests

The duplex ultrasound scan

The bottom line

Erectile dysfunction can be treated. Sufferers are advised to work closely with qualified medical experts.

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