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Yes it is true. Today's life style followed by many young men can cause male impotence. Experiments and field data has proved that the causes of male impotence is due to the excessive exposure to alcohol and smoking.

Most young men lead a very flamboyant lifestyle characterized by socializing, partying and smoking. Smoking habit is often picked up the youngsters while in high schools and continued through college and later life. Peer pressure often pushes children to fall prey to smoking. What starts off as a style statement or the ‘In Thing’ becomes an addiction without their knowledge. By the time the youth reach an age when they get into a relationship, their smoking habit can have devastating results not only on their throat and lungs but cause impotence too.

Drinking on the other hand too gets into a habit with the youth very easily. Excessive consumption of alcohol over a long period can cause several medical problems and lead to liver cirrhoses besides causing impotence.

Most youngsters do not realize the impact these habits can have on their bodies, mind and life. When it is time for them to get married and beget children, if found to be impotent, the effect can wreck not only their life, but also their partners and the family life too.

Both smoking and drinking are known to effect and constrict the blood supply to the penis which cases it to achieve an erection. With lost of blood supply the organ cannot perform in a sexual intercourse. This condition is called Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can be easily cured with the help of PDE 5 inhibitor drug known as Viagra. Viagra helps to increase the blood flow to the penis and help achieve erectile function. Doctors after a diagnostics test normally prescribe daily dose of Viagra to be taken as oral tablets. These tablets have a release effect time of four to five hours. Taken once or twice a day as prescribed by the doctor, it keeps the sexual stimulation active with increased blood supply.

Though with Viagra, the impotence can be cured, is it wise for Young men to indulge in harmful habits? . It not only affects their body but wrecks their relationships too. Every human being years for love of a home, wife and children. Emotional well being is based upon sound relationship which stands on a foundation built with trust and love. Physical passion and closeness plays an important role in the relationship and forms the basis of domestic harmony and co existence.

Suffering from an erectile dysfunction can make one look down upon himself. Even the people closely related can look down upon a person with this problem, if it is caused by drug abuse, alcohol and smoking. Psychologically the person can fall prey to low self esteem and depression.

So this is a warning call for all youth to watch out and correct your lifestyle before it is too late. Though Viagra is available as a cure, is it wise to court trouble at all? Think again.

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