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People always believed that marriages were for keeps. Men invariably had girl friends and relationships. But then marriage always meant a commitment and one took it very seriously. For both men and women marriage gives an emotional stability and someone to call you own. The institution of marriage has been in vogue since times immemorial because society found it to be the best form of Organization for the humans.

In most of the societies, the girls grow up dreaming about marriage. Once they are of marriageable age, the parents start getting worried and wish to give their daughter in marriage to the best eligible bachelor before it is too late. Parents rather look at it as a due discharge of their duties. Women naturally dream of getting married, being loved and cherished and playing mother to their children. These are but the natural instincts that are inborn in women.

However, times are changing and the institution of marriage which is the very basic foundation and fabric of society and family is under threat. The high degree of divorce rates and single parenting is proof to this fact. The causes for the same can be traced to a host of factors.

Women today are educated and empowered. They think of themselves as individuals and put their happiness and goals ahead of the rest of their relationship. Economic independence, urban lifestyle and the current trends have isolated people from one another. People today live alone and independent. It is no longer a surprise to find that you do not know who lives next door.

Women seem to cope up with the changing times a lot better than men. Women are able to live independently as well as enjoy their freedom and enjoy life. Women naturally mix and gel with others very easily. Being single too women are able to enjoy and invest into relationship with their other family members and fall back on siblings and extended family for support.

Men on the other hand tend to get lonely and isolated when they live alone in cities. Men do party and hangout with friends, but their relationships are not the same as women’s groups. There is yet another theory that says that men are lagging behind in terms of accepting and changing with the times. They are yet to come into terms with the new generation women and they can get intimated by liberated women who are highly demanding and will not think twice before walking out of a relationship that does not give them what they are looking for. Men do feel that today’s women are highly demanding and are very impatient.

Generally it is believed that the stress level in men is increasing. Even amongst married men, let alone the bachelors, the stress of modern day living and the expectations on them is causing stress. While some men take to smoking and drinking in excess to withstand the pressures of life, many people tend to fall prey to ill health including male impotence. Erectile dysfunction has become a common occurrence with most men complaining of the same at one point of time or the other in life. There is also an expectation on the part of men to be able to perform well all the time in their physical relationship and the expectation itself can cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Time of course is the best remedy. Over a period of time, the expectations of women and the men and their role plays will settle down and the society should see some signs of stability in the coming years.

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